Photo requirements

Pic 1

Pictures need to be in sharp focus ideally lit from above and to one side - this helps model the face. Flash photos taken looking directly at the model are very hard to deal with. Photos taken from a standing position looking down at the subject also look unreal when used as the subject of a painting - In an ideal world get down - or up - to the subjects level.




Pic 2

Watercolours cost from £250. The size of the head is around 10" 250mm across. Larger heads - similar in proportion to Eric the horse or Villain the German Shepherd are more - the pictures are built up of multiple layers of fine hairlike brushstrokes, placed with a #2 or a 6mm sword liner. It is a case of a larger area takes longer to achieve.

A full size copy of the print, signed in pencil from £35 plus postage. A variety of sizes downwards is also available from A4 to postcards.

Postal delivery is offered at cost - from about £12.

Oils - a 300 x 400 mm canvas of a head with minimal background £350 after that it would be dependant upon the level of detail involved and the size of the finished work.